The Collingswood Chiropractic Center is dedicated to making you as healthy as you can be.  Our goal is to increase functionality, reduce discomfort and allow you to live an active life.   We do our best to educate you about your particular health concerns allowing you to make good decisions regarding your well being.

Why all walk ins? 

The Collingswood Chiropractic Center is a unique chiropractic experience.  Dr. Molly Phillips designed an office setting that fits neatly into your busy life.  A working mother of two young children, she understands that some days don’t go as planned.  You may wake up one morning and decide you need relief that same day.  The “all walk-in” policy allows you to decide when is the best time for your office visit.  Simply show up during our office hours and you will be seen in the order of your arrival.

Why a low fee practice? 

In keeping with a “low stress” practice environment, Dr. Molly Phillips charges set fees for office visits.  As most of you realize, dealing with health insurance companies is difficult for everyone involved.  Doctors and staff often spend twice as many hours processing claims as they do treating patients!  Dr.  Molly puts the focus back on patient care which enables her to treat everyone equally.  No surprise bills – just quality healthcare at a reasonable price.

Adult office visit: $40
Kids under 12: $15
Seniors over 65: $30