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Adam P.

"I had been to four chiropractors over the past ten years, but I was never satisfied until Dr. Molly Phillips. Not only will she fix your problem, she'll tell you how to keep it fixed!"

Lawrence J.

"Dr. Molly Phillips is remarkably adept at treating sinus and lower back problems, as well as joint pain - all without the aid of pharmaceuticals."

Melanie P.

"Dr. Molly Phillips is the first chiropractor to have real answers to my problems. She showed me ways to prevent my headaches and back pain; subsequently, making my visits less frequent."

Lynne B.

"When I had DeQuervain's Tendonitis, both my doctor and occupational therapist predicted a less than optimistic outlook. Dr. Molly gave me some instructions, explained how the muscles were dysfunctional, and what exercises to do to correct them. Within two weeks my wrist was 100%."

Alice Q.

"When I first came to see Dr. Molly, I wasn't able to sleep through the night due to hip and leg pain. I also couldn't walk for exercise. Now I can do both!"

Jim C.

"Dr. Molly Phillips will tell you the root core causing your discomfort and work out a strategy to either eliminate or minimize the problem."

Abbe B.

"I used to have frequent pain in my right hand that my primary physician had diagnosed as arthritis. Noticing I was a bit young for arthritis, Dr. Molly looked a little more closely and discovered a misalignment. In just one visit my "arthritis" was cured!!"

Lori V.

"I wasted so many days of my life taking medication for my migraines. Just a few adjustments from Dr. Molly and some simple stretching and I have been headache free for over 8 months."

Gerry P.

"I am a marathoner and triathlete and Dr. Molly has kept me training well into my 40's. I wouldn't consider preparing for a race without her help!"